API Reference AJAX


Accessing the API via AJAX returns data in JSON

Example URL

http://www.anisos.com/api/v1/{YOUR FEED}/search={SEARCH QUERY}&amount={AMOUNT OF ITEMS}&page={PAGE NUMBER}

URL Generator

Feed Name Search Amount Page Number Source Type Show Stats? Enforce Images?  

A break down of the URL

The core URL

http://www.anisos.com/api/v1/{YOUR FEED}/

http://www.anisos.com/api/v1/{YOUR FEED}/{PARAMETERS}

Your handle

This is the name of your feed, this can be found on your dashboard.


These are the parameters of your API call, see the table below for all parameters available

Parameters are in a the standard query string format (e.g)?search=example&showStats=true

Parameter Example(s) Explanation
search search=funny The search parameter is for searching the content of social items, currently only able to accept one search term at one time
amount amount=50 Amount is the amount of social items you want, currently limited to 100 at a time
page page=1
Page is for pagination, we provide the next page to you in the response if you have showStats parameter passed through
source source=facebook
Or multiple sources
Source is to specify which social source you want your results to be from (e.g YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus)

Available Values

  • facebook
  • googleplus
  • youtube
type type=photo
Or multiple sources
Types are the different types of social items, Photos, Videos and Posts are the potential types

Available Values

  • photos
  • videos
  • posts
showStats showStats=true

Show stats only takes the boolean value of "true"

Show stats returns data in an array like format which consists of potentially 6 keys

  • errorWarning - Displays errors which aren't fatal, or aren't considered fatal
  • response - Displays "ok" or "no data"
  • totalResults - The amount of results available for the query performed, not the amount returned
  • pagination - Provides URLs for the next resultset or the previous resultset for the query performed
  • searchTerms - Provides data for your query performed, just so you know whether the query made was what you were after
  • items - This array holds all of the results from the query
enforceImages enforceImages=true

Enforce Images only takes the boolean value of "true"

Enforce images only makes the API only return items which have a photo (in a valid format - can't guarantee this to be 100% effective)